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Alcohol Free Accountability Group

Alison Calder Coaching

Alcohol Free Accountability Group

Would you like some on-going support in changing your relationship with alcohol?

If so join our accountability group, held in a closed, private Facebook group.

This is a small group which focusses primarily on alcohol-free living / changing your relationship with alcohol but it will also provide the opportunity for you to explore other areas of your life in which you may want to make positive changes.

Huge personal growth and development come with alcohol-free living and this will form a part of the group too.

£20 per month

What's included?

A Facebook accountability group to help keep you on track, with a community of like-minded people. This is a safe space to share successes and struggles and to remain accountable.

A weekly Zoom call to share progress, discuss goals and challenges and to connect with / support other members of the group.

Monthly Personal-Development Workshop via Zoom.

Monthly Book Club, which will be a mix of alcohol-free related literature, self-development and some really nourishing fiction too. The end of month discussion will be via Zoom.

On-going learning, discussions and support via posts / videos / lives etc.

Opportunities to meet group members in real life at Alcohol Free events.

Alcohol-Free May Challenge Рnow open for bookings!

All of the tools and support that you need to successfully navigate the month of May alcohol-free.