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I’m so glad you have found us...

We are a small tribe of people, all changing our relationship with alcohol and sharing our journey and we would love you to join us.

You don’t have to do this alone and you don’t to pretend it is easy or that you are OK all of the time if you aren’t.

We share our highs, our lows, and everything in between. For the cost of couple of drinks in the pub a month, you can join us and have access to weekly zooms to meet your fellow members.

Friendships are formed as we laugh and cry together, sharing the bumpy road of navigating life without the booze.

You don’t have to be completely alcohol-free to join us, but you do have to want to be (or want to take a break). We focus on progress not perfection, so although we want all members to reach their goals as quickly as possible, if you do hit a bump in the road we will rally around and get you back on track.

Being Alcohol-free isn’t our only focus.

Stopping drinking alcohol has a domino effect on our whole lives, so no topic (that affects you personally) is off the table. We explore it all, bringing in positive psychology and personal development to ensure we are making the very most of our one precious life.


£20 per month

What’s included?

A small but perfectly formed private Facebook group with a tribe of people to share this journey with and to be accountable to.

A weekly Zoom call to share progress, discuss any struggles, to celebrate successes and to connect with other members of the group.

A monthly Book Club, which is a mix of quit-lit, personal-development and some really nourishing fiction too. We discuss the book at the end of month via Zoom.

A monthly Personal-Development Workshop via Zoom. These have included Self Esteem, Spirituality, Wheel of Life, Positive Psychology, How to Flourish and lots more.

On-going learning, discussions and support through posts / videos / lives via the Facebook group.

Opportunities to meet group members in real life at Alcohol-Free events (so far these have included a sea dip, a breathwork and cold water ice experience, a sober rave, meals out and some of us are abseiling off a huge building in London for charity later this year).

"Alison is so encouraging and insightful. She really “gets it” and knows just what to say when you need it, even when you don’t want to hear it. This has gone from a group of strangers who have not met, to a connected group of people who know they can lean on the others when they need to and are there to pick you up and cheer you on."

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£20 per month

"Alison is amazing, supportive and insightful. Her help made this challenge possible for me. If you are thinking long-term or just a break, make that investment in yourself. After only a month alcohol free, I can see and feel the benefits so much I’m carrying on indefinitely."


    "What an absolute treasure and delight to be part of this group. I honestly couldn’t have done this month without this group. Honestly from the moment I first saw Alison I connected and felt at ease. Out of your comfort zone is where the growth happens, and believe me the magic did happen."


      "I found Alison 6 wonderful months ago, I joined for 1 month, stayed for 6 months + ongoing. Refreshing approach, coaching, educational with peer support – can’t recommend enough to address anything you dislike about your relationship with alcohol big or small."

        Emma M

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