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Alcohol-Free January Challenge SOLD OUT


Are you thinking of giving up the booze for the month of January and feel that you would benefit from some extra support? Have you tried to take a break from alcohol before but found it a little difficult, or felt a little isolated doing it alone? Would you like some laughter, accountability, camaraderie and loads of hints, tips and support?

If so join me for my Alcohol-Free January Challenge where you will be given all of the tools and support that you need to successfully navigate the month of January alcohol-free. As a qualified coach, specialising in helping people to change their relationship with alcohol, I will be your biggest cheerleader and you will be joined by a small group of others, all working towards the same goal.

What’s Included:

  • 1 x Free 30-minute discovery call, so I can get to know you a little to know how to best support you during the challenge
  • A month of group support in a private / closed Facebook group
  • Daily Lives or/and Posts giving info, hints and tips on topics such as socialising without alcohol, mindset around alcohol, self-care and radical self-care, sleep, the science around alcohol and our bodies, and so much more
  • Twice Weekly Zooms to celebrate successes, share any struggles and plan for the week ahead
  • Daily Accountability (so I am able to make sure everyone is on track and offer support if needed)
  • 4 x workshops (once weekly) on Overcoming Cravings, Ambivalence around Alcohol, our Values and how they are reflected in our lives, and our Strengths and how we can best use them (these will be recorded and posted to the group or you can join live and participate)


This is a small group challenge  so that we can all get to know each other, and support each other without feeling overwhelmed.

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